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The Nepal tour consists of various places including- Chitwan, kathmandu, nagarkot. On 5 days Nepal tour packages from gorakhpur  People love to indulge in activities that involve trekking, paragliding, climbing, and more. Along with that enjoy the Spiritual places and pilgrimage places including Pashupatinath temple, Muktinath temple, Buddhist stupa, Lumbini the place of Lord Buddha followed by traditional and cultural activities. 

Nepal is famed for its beauty of nature surrounded by lots of mountains, species, a Pretty environment & Harmonious atmosphere, that magnificent people around the world, Kathmandu is known as the capital of Nepal with lots of places to visit over there that involves patan durbar square, Thamel and various ancient monasteries.

There is another place, Pokhara, that is known as the adventure hub and one of the most beautiful places to visit. The Himalayas, Lakes and the peace of view through the height of peaks gives the pleasure of delightful and incredible places. After Pokhara, move towards Chitwan where get a safari tour and be aware of the wildlife, enjoy the rides with elephants, and capture the moments with rhinos and lions along with Tharu village culture and customs. 

After visiting all of these places we will move towards Nagarkot wherein we will explore the views through the Himalayas along with the performing climbing over mountains including Annapurna and Ganesh Himal on clear days. There is an atmosphere with the lush green forest that attracts the tourists most.


5 days 4 night Nepal tour package from gorakhpur

Day 1- Reach gorakkhpur

Reach Gorakhpur by flight our representative will pick you up from Gorakhpur airport where he will tell you about the tour and guide you properly. After that, move towards the Chitwan wherein take some rest at a hotel and explore the Chitwan

Sightedness– We will explore Chitwan National Park and Tharu dance and after that, we will return to the hotel and will stay at night there with dinner. The Chitwan National Park is one of the parks wherein you will come to know more about the wildlife along with capturing the moments of rhinos, Bengal tiger, and inclusive elephants that offer the tour on their back


Everyone prefers The Tharu dance, although Tharu is the village where a traditional and cultural dance makes the tourists participate in their activities.

Activities– doing Safari Tour, Elephant tour, Performing dance, Traditional activity with the locals.

Day 2- Chitwan-kathmandu

In our 5 days nepal tour package from gorakhpur, After breakfast, we will go towards Kathmandu which takes 8 hours to reach so we will move towards visiting Kathmandu including- local sightseeing, manakamana temple, and participating in traditional activities Later we will check in a hotel and stay there


Note: It will take 8 hours to reach Kathmandu and that is why our whole day will be spent traveling but in the journey, we will explore the Manakamana temple, the manakamana temple is one of the temples of goddess Manakamana also known as “Bhagwati” it is the hub wherein lots of events and ceremonies organized and thousands of tourist used to participate every year. 

Activities– Climbing Walls, Lotus mindfulness and Relaxation also known as meditation

Day- 3 ​​

With the morning breakfast, we will move to visit temples wherein we will listen to the stories associated with the ancient mythologies and monarchies, We will go through various rituals and spiritual and cultural programs.

Kathmandu is known as the capital of Nepal where you will explore the many places that are related to pilgrimages, therefore with the Nepal tour, you will cover pilgrimage places as well, along with performing with the spiritual activity that will make your day more enthusiastic.

Sightedness– Pashupatinath temple, a Buddhist stupa, Kathmandu Durbar square, Swayambhunath temple, Local sightseeing then moves to the hotel to stay at night


Day 4- Kathmandu-Nagarkot

On 4th day we will move to Nagarkot after a light breakfast wherein we will explore Changu Narayan temple this is the place where activities get assembled including trekking, hiking, paragliding, and Sunrise view from the Himalayas as one of the famous viewpoints for most of the tourist. There is a park called Buddha Peace Park which is famous for the golden color idol of Buddha that attracts because of the open park that is surrounded by greenery that provides an excellent and peaceful viewpoint to capture.


After that, we will go back to our hotel and stay at Nagarkot

Day 4- Nagarkot - Gorakhpur

After lots of fun and capturing memories with our nepal tour package from gorakhpur, we will go back to Gorakhpur and we will assure you that you will be delighted with our tour package.



  • Pick up/drop-off through cab from the airport

  • Private vehicle throughout the day sightedness and travel

  • Daily breakfast in the hotel

  • Including GST, all other taxes of the government

  • Expertise driver

  • Safe & Secure


  • Personal expenses like drinks/snacks/food or any accommodation that are required for you

  • Lunch is excluded

  • Entry Fees like mountain views or any other activity expenses including- paragliding, River rafting etc.