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Travelling is an important part of many people’s life. They want it to be perfect. Getting your travel planned by an expert is a blessing. It helps you to relax. It saves you time and also gives you mental peace. Planning is a crucial part of travel.

Therefore choosing the best tour and travel agent for yourself is the first and the most important part of travelling. You can trust The Smart Cab to guide and plan your trip.

The Smart Cab specialises in planning tours to India and Nepal.


India is undoubtedly one of the most diversified and one of the most strikingly beautiful countries in
the world.

India is the most geographically varied. Every travel lover in the world has on their wish list an India tour at least once in their lifetime.

Visiting India does not mean visiting a particular thing like a sea beach, forest or mountains.

It has everything from lush green forests to daunting deserts, and beautiful beaches to mighty snow-capped mountains.

India has some major attractions for pilgrims. Religiously inclined people can visit Char dham of North or Meenakshi of Madurai.

Vaishno devi yatra in Jammu is also very popular. India is rich in its heritage and has many tourist attractions.

Apart from geographical diversity, India has diversity in culture, food, and language. Not only this, even flora and fauna found in the various regions of India are diversified and very fascinating. All these factors make holiday packages to India so popular.

The Smart Cab travel packages

The Smart Cab gives you an extensive range of India tour packages to suit your needs and desires.

The first step in touring India is choosing the best places for yourself. Our holiday expert helps you to choose the most sought-after holiday destination.

You can opt to cover the whole of India at one go or decide to cover only a few states at a time. We accordingly design your package.

We have amazing packages that can take you to hill stations, coastal towns or cosmopolitan metros.

India is a big country and while travelling here you can take a relaxing break for a few days. We make arrangements for this also. Your travel guides will help you to indulge in top sightseeing and activities throughout the whole country.

Why choose The Smart Cab Indian Holiday packages

The most popular holiday destination of India includes places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand,Rajasthan, Kashmir, Goa, Leh-Ladakh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and certain regions of North East India.These places comprise most of the travel packages.

You can choose from various places to visit in India. Our India holiday packages include all the amazing destinations and they are also pocket friendly.

Choosing the best places to visit in India is very easy. Every place in India has its own culture, flavour and speciality. Your packages can be easily customised and can be flexible. Our tour packages are a favourite among tourists in India and abroad.

We at The Smart Cab have worked meticulously to design the best travel packages for different locations in this beautiful country of India. We provide packages both with fixed plans and also one which can be changed or customised to meet the specific needs of the traveller.

While Sikkim, Darjeeling, Coorg, Kashmir, and Goa are some of the popular destinations there are many others also. We can plan your tour to less frequented vacation spots like Pondicherry, Tirupati, Tawang, Mahabaleshwar and many others.

Variety of India Holiday Packages

On the website of The Smart Cab, you will find packages for every destination in India worth visiting.There are also packages for every occasion, mood or company.

We have some themed holiday packages like honeymoon packages in God’s own country Kerala, pilgrimage tours to the Char Dham, beach holiday packages to Goa, luxury vacations in the divine Nilgiris, adventure tours and so on. We have something for every travel freak. Once you make up your mind, just book a tour with us. We will make all the needful arrangements.

Our India travel packages include different parts of India for people with different tastes. You can visit the laps of the wonderful Himalayas and experience spiritual upliftment in the northern monasteries.

At seven sisters of India, you can get very close to nature and enjoy the fresh lush greenery.

At southern seashores, you can feel the pleasure of beaches and beautiful coral reefs. Our India travel packages include every mesmerising part of India.

Adventure lovers can have thrilling holiday packages for themselves. Ladakh is an ideal place for adventure because of its cold winds, brown mountains, clear blue skies and open spaces.

We guide you to the best honeymoon destinations in India. You will forever cherish the memories created here. So pick your favourite India tour package and get ready to enjoy the best India trip of your life.


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