City Transfer

City Transfer

City transfer taxi service is useful for travellers who require a pickup and drop facility from any location within a city. This service can be used for reaching airports, bus stands, railway stations, hotels, movie theatres and malls within a city.

The Smart Cab city transfer service is one of the fastest and most reliable options to get to your desired destination. Looking for a regular taxi or public transport requires lots of time and bits of luck. Since the city transfers are pre-booked online, the driver is there on time.

No problem with the language:

If you are unfamiliar with the local language of the place you are travelling to, it becomes difficult to communicate with the driver. You may be taken to the wrong route or charged higher rates. When you book city transfers through The Smart Cab you need not bother about
these things. You travel stress-free.

The price is fixed:

Private taxi drivers often charge the price according to the tourist’s appearance. The price of a taxi can be very unpredictable. If pre-booked you are sure about the charges. There is no chance of being cheated.

Online payment:

Online payment is the safest and easiest mode of payment. You don’t need to carry cash or changes. You only need to pay on the website.

Professional driver:

Professional drivers are an asset when you are travelling in a new city. These drivers regularly work with tourists. They are well-mannered and disciplined.

Cheaper option:

City transfers are cheaper than local taxis. The Smart Cab charges reasonably. There is no fear of being
cheated or overcharged. We take the shortest routes with stops only at the traveller’s request.

No fear of getting lost:

When you are in a new city, some people fear getting lost. With our city transfers, you are in safe hands.

The Smart Cab makes sure that drivers reach the right spot in time.

Cheaper option:

The Smart cab provides cabs as per your requirements. If you need bigger cars for more luggage you can ask for it.

Something special for kids and smaller children can also be arranged. You don’t have to compromise on anything available. This makes the journey comfortable.

Cheaper option:

Sometimes you plan a journey in the last hour. The Smart Cab facilitates last-minute bookings and provides the best service in these cases.

The Smart Cab has its centres located near major airport terminals. This ensures on-time delivery.


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  • Warm hospitality and tremendous service support

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