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Nepal is one of the most magnificent & serene places. The heart of the Himalayas is captured in the snow-capped peaks, temples, and cultures, making it a traveler’s paradise. Nepal will give you a thrilling experience over the surroundings of the Himalayas, it offers various activities including trekking, paragliding, camping, Everest Base camp, and many more. It allows interaction with ancient cultures, monasteries, temples, and UNESCO heritage sites. Apart from that Nepalese offers hospitality to tourists while performing the traditional dances followed by the culture.


 Even propelled by political changes and natural disasters the nepal conqueror displayed the remarkable resilience of their community. Providing natural pleasure that creates enthusiasm among tourists makes the adorable nepal. Nepal has a diverse landscape that involves jungle, alpine lakeside, Himalyas, and Small crowded towns, Pass through diverse shrines and monasteries, while moving towards the lowland plains of the Terai region. Nepal has an ethnic culture with a distinct community and different ethnic traditions. Along with traditional and cultural awareness, Nepal allows us to explore biodiversity including Wildlife at Chitwan. Even we will come along with the history and museum and all over there.

What are our Kolkata to Nepal Tour packages Prices?

Vehicle typeHotels FacilitySeating Capacity
Mini Cab2 Double-bed room4+1 Seats (minimum of 3 people required)
Honda Amaze2 Double-bed room4+1 Seats (minimum of 3 people required)
Maruti Swift Dzire2 Double-bed room4+1 Seats (minimum of 3 people required)
Maruti Ertiga3 Double-bed room6+1 Seats (minimum of 5 people required)
Mahindra Scorpio4 Double-bed room 8+1 Seats (minimum of 5
Toyota Innova4 Double-bed room4 Double-bed room 7+1 Seats (minimum of 3 people required)
Traveler 13 seater7 Double-bed room13+1 Seats (minimum of 9 people required)
Traveler 17 Seater9 Double-bed room17+1 Seats (minimum of 13 people required)

Day 1- Kolkata-Raxaul or Kolkata-Kathmandu

On the first day, you have to reach either Kathmandu airport or Raxaul airport and choose your destiny according to your choice. Our representative will meet you at your chosen airport and will brief you on the Kolkata nepal tour package. After that move towards the hotel and have the rest over there If you have landed in raxaul then move towards Kathmandu. check in to the hotel and stay at night there.


Day 2- Kathmandu Visit

Early in the morning with the light breakfast, we will move towards to visit Kathmandu. Where we will explore the Pashupatinath temple, Swayambhunath temple, and Muktinath temple. After that, we will move back to the hotel

Kathmandu is the capital of nepal It is renowned for its history, architecture, temples, and monasteries. It is the hub of multiple religious and cultural diversity. it attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. It allows us to view the beauty of nature through the Himalayas. Kathmandu consists of a blend of old and modern amenities that make the bustling and hustling city around the city. The structure of Kathmandu counts in the UNESCO Heritage making it rich in cultural heritage 


Places to visit:​

Pashupatinath temple- ​​

The most revered temple is the temple dedicated to lord shiva the god of destroyer. It is located at the top of the hill of the Bagmati River. It is one of the holiest places and mostly crowded temples in terms of pilgrims. it has a pagoda-style structure that attracts people a lot. Early morning there is performed daily cultural activities involving ceremonies, rituals, and prayers by priests. At the Bagmati river, some ghats are used for cremation where Hindu cremation takes place. 

Swayambunath temple-​​

 It is one of the sacred Buddhist stupas and is also called Monkey Temple because monkeys are always roaming around the temple, giving it a unique character. It is nestled around the himalyas and offers the panoramic view surrounding the valley. It is a around 2500-year-old temple and that’s why it is the most popular pilgrimage site It is a symbol of heritage and religious diversity. It signifies the symbol of enlightenment as well.

Muktinath Temple

The temple is located in the Mustang district of nepal with great significance for both Hindu and Buddhist religions. it is constructed in the pagoda style with a golden roof. In the vicinity of the temple, it has various monasteries, shrines, and temples. The sacred Muktinath kund are believed to have healing properties and are visited by pilgrims for ritual baths. Apart from religion, it has serene surroundings.

Day 3 Kathmandu Visit

Early in the morning with a light breakfast, we will go towards the Thamel famous for the bustling atmosphere because it is called a tourist hub. it is the home of several cultural attractions. Tourists love to indulge in cafes, restaurants, clubs, theaters, museums, and galleries. After that, we will explore Patan Darbar Square, one of the four most famous squares. 


Places to visit- ​​


Thamel is famous for the vibrant bustling streets that include restaurants, cafes, clubs, and many more that easily attract tourists. 

Patan Darbar Square

It is located in the Lalitpur in the Kathmandu valley, it is a UNESCO heritage site that is renowned for its cultural and regional heritage. it is constructed with Newari architecture, it exhibits a blend of Hindu and Buddhist architectural styles. it also offers a museum that allows one to explore the history, art, and culture of Patan. 

Day 4- Kathmandu-Pokhara​​

Early in the morning with breakfast, we will move toward Sarangkot, taking a panoramic and calm view of sunrise from the himalyas peaks. After that we will move ahead to Gupteshwar cave, Bindhyabasini Temple, and then Tal Bahari temple as well along with that we will go through lots of shrines and monasteries that would come across the path. After that, we will check in the hotel and stay at night over there.


Places to Visit-​​

Gupteshwar Cave

It is a limestone cave located in the pokhara near Devi’s Falls. It is easily accessible by road and is a popular stop who are looking to explore pokhara. it is famous because it contains the large Shiva linga inside the cave. During the month of Shavan, it is one of the most crowded pilgrimage sites. The entrance to the cave is the winding stone staircase with over 200 steps. 

Bindhavasani temple

it is one of the oldest temples that was formed during the Second World War. It is dedicated to the goddess Durga it is located at the top hills of phewa lake which provides a stunning view surrounding the temples.it is located near the Thamel district. the temple can be visible from the lake side of the pokhara. 

Tal Bahari temple

The lake temple of Varahi, the goddess barahi, is the incarnation of goddess Durga—the temple is nestled amidst the phewa lake that is accessible by boat. It is the focal point of locals whenever any ceremony or prayer is offered on any occasion that links with the festivals. It is one of the good hotspots that gives magnificent looks while doing sunset and sunrise and tourists love to do photography during that period. 

Day 5- Pokhara-chitwan

Early in the morning with a light breakfast we will check out from the hotel and move ahead to Chitwan wherein we will explore the biodiversity of wildlife, getting aware of the art of history along with the museum. Offering the community traditional practices, dishes, cultures, and many more, and after exploring that we will back to our hotel.


Places to Visit-​​

Chitwan National Park

The national park is the home of diverse flora and fauna, with several biodiversities, the park has Endangered species including the Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, and Gharial crocodile. It also offers bird walking safaris that are exciting things to do. Along with that, there is a village known as the Tharu village wherein you will explore the various performances including cultural and traditional practices. It also offers various accommodations and amenities including a restaurant, cafe, hotels, market, and many more 

Gurkha Memorial Museum

The Gurkha is one of the bravest soldiers based on the name of his brave regiment legacy one can explore the history of the Gurkha including photographs, artifacts, and the commemoration of Gurkha’s legacy.

Elephant breeding center

It is located in the National Chitwan Park and the main motive is to conserve Asian elephants. people learn about the elephant’s sessions including their feeding and bathing sessions.

Day 6- Chitwan-Airport

With Lots of memories and relationships with the communities we will back to our airport 


Activities to do in nepal

There are several activities that one can make their trip more shinney, most of the activities that attract tourists are- Paragliding, River-rafting, Bungee Jumping, Safari, Mountain climbing, and much more.

  1. Paragliding- Paragliding is one of the recreational activities that everyone wants to enjoy that thrilling experience, it gives the high soar from the height of himalyas and a serene look from the height. This activity is mostly preferred at Pokhara Valley which is Sarangkot which is located on the outskirts of pokhara. The Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains offer unparalleled views that are attractive all of the way and give a real introduction charming of nature. Although they are professional paragliders with a proven certificate of license that adheres to the safety standard. 
  2. River- Rafting: The nepal offers an Exhalirating experience in terms of river rafting, it allows the best experience for both beginner and experienced rafters. Some of the popular river that makes it more attractive are the Trishuli River, Seti River, Bhote Koshi River, and Sun Koshi River. the best time to raft is in the monsoon season which makes the river rafting more thrilling is march to May when water levels are optimal and weather conditions are favorable. 
  3. Bungee Jumping- It is one of the recreational and thrilling adventures that offers free falling from the high elevations. The most recommended bungee jumping site in nepal is located near the village of Bhote Koshi. It adhered to the safety standards with all of the equipment. It offers the natural beauty from the high elevations. It offers an unparalleled combination of beauty, adventure, and natural beauty.
  4. Safari- The national park located in Chitwan is one of the greenery areas filled with wildlife biodiversity. Traveling on the jeep all around the forest gives the wings to your journey. it allows us to explore the wildlife very closely. people love the elephant safari, birdwatching, and nature walks. Most visitors love to do all of that although national parks are always the most demanded region.
  5. Mount climbing- Nepal offers a towering peak for the mountain climber who loves to explore the himalyas peak, it is a great adventurous activity although it is dangerous that’s why not recommended to beginners, it requires precautions is why go through the safety standards, It includes ropes, ice axes, harnesses, crampons, etc. Most climbers face the challenges of weather conditions.



1. How to reach nepal from Kathmandu?
 Ans- There are lots of means by which one can easily reach nepal- Aeroplan, Train, Car, or Bus. Aeroplan takes less time than other transportation means, but enjoy the journey by car or bus.
2. Which month is good to visit the nepal?
Ans-Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit nepal because of the weather that makes the journey incredibly enthusiastic. and that season falls in September to November. 

3. Is it customizable?
Ans- Yes, it is customizable according to the need and person in your tour package. You can customize your breakfast, your hotel, cab even additional charges may be included according to the need.
4. Does nepal is safe to travel?
 Ans- Yes, Nepal is absolutely a safe place wherein you don’t need to worry about robbery while performing activities follow the instructions for each activity. 
5. What should I pack for the tour?
 Ans- Keep lightweight outfits in your luggage that are compatible with outdoor activities, including trekking and river rafting. Along with that keep with yourself medication, suncream.