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The journey from India’s border town of Raxaul to Nepal’s capital Kathmandu can be exciting. For many people, taxis provide a convenient and comfortable way to make this journey. 

Traveling by taxi from Raxaul, India to Kathmandu, Nepal offers a comfortable and convenient way to commute between the two cities. Here are details of the Raxauk to Kathmandu taxi fare options you can expect.

Raxaul to Kathmandu taxi fare

Raxaul to Kathmandu taxi fare may vary depending on several factors such as the vehicle type, taxi service provider, and whether the journey is one-way or round-trip. On average, you can expect the following fare range:

Vehicle typeFare Prices
Standard (Toyota Corolla, Suzuki Dezire)Rs 7,000 to Rs 10,000 (approximately NPR 11,200 to NPR 16,000)
SUV(Toyota Innova, Mahindra Scorpio) Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 (approximately NPR 16,000 to NPR 24,000)
Luxury Vehicles (Toyota Innova that seats more passengers)Rs 15,000 to Rs 21,000+ (approximately NPR 24,000) and above

Distance and Duration

The distance between Raxaul and Kathmandu is approximately 140 kilometers (87 mi). The journey usually takes around 5 to 6 hours depending on road conditions, traffic and time taken to cross the border.

Factors Influencing the Fare

There are some of the factors that influence the raxaul to kathmandu taxi fare

Type of vehicle: Larger vehicles or luxury cars will cost more.

Season and demand: Prices may increase during peak tourist seasons or holidays.

Service Provider: Rates may vary between different taxi companies and individual drivers.

Additional charges: Some taxis may include additional charges for waiting time, luggage or night travel.

How to book taxi from Raxaul to kathmandu

Online Booking: Services like The smart cab allow online booking for taxis between Raxaul and Kathmandu.

Local Taxi Stands: Taxis can be found at taxi stands near Raxaul Railway Station. Negotiate the fare before deciding on the journey.

Book in advance: Especially during peak season, it is wise to book your taxi in advance to secure availability and potentially better rates.

Negotiate the fare: Don’t hesitate to negotiate the fare with the driver or taxi company. This is a common thing in this area.

Check Reviews: If you are booking through a service provider, check reviews and ratings to ensure reliability and safety.

Confirm border crossing requirements: Make sure your taxi driver is familiar with the border crossing process and that you have all the necessary documents for immigration.

Additional Considerations:

Car type: The type of car you choose will have a significant impact on the fare. Sedans are generally cheaper than SUVs.

Number of passengers: Fares may be quoted per person or for the entire vehicle

Distance: The actual distance covered may vary depending on the route taken by the driver.

Compare rates: Get quotes from multiple taxi services before booking to make sure you get the best deal.

Negotiation: Negotiation is common, especially with taxis hired at local stands.

Confirm Inclusions: Make sure the fare includes tolls and driver expenses, if not clearly mentioned.

Group package taxi fare from raxaul to kathmandu

For groups traveling from Raxaul to Kathmandu, group taxi packages from raxaul to kathmandu taxi fare can provide a more affordable and convenient option than individual taxis. Here’s a detailed guide to what you can expect from a group taxi package, including types of vehicles, costs and other important considerations.

Vehicle typeFare Pricescapacity
Standard (Toyota Corolla, Suzuki Dezire)₹8,000 to ₹12,000 (approximately NPR 12,800 to NPR 19,200) 4-6 passengers
SUV(Toyota Innova, Mahindra Scorpio) ₹12,000 to ₹18,000 (approximately NPR 19,200 to NPR 28,800)6-8 passengers

Type of vehicle: Larger and more luxurious vehicles will cost more.

Season and demand: Prices may increase during peak tourist seasons or holidays.

Service Provider: Rates may vary between different taxi companies or different drivers.

Additional Services: Some packages may include additional services such as sightseeing, refreshments, or overnight stays.


Traveling by taxi from Raxaul to Kathmandu is a convenient option, offering comfort and flexibility. Although fares may seem high, the convenience of direct and private travel may be worth it. By planning in advance and understanding the factors that affect fares, you can make an informed decision and ensure a smooth trip to Kathmandu.